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Tomales Bay LMER/BRIE creek sample metadata file

Stephen V. Smith and James T. Hollibaugh

Map of Tomales Bay, CAFigure 1. Map of Tomales Bay sampling stations. The Lagunitas Creek samples were collected at the site of the USGS gauging station, about 2 km from Pt. Reyes Station. This site is not influenced by tides. The Walker Creek sampling site was about 1 km above the Highway 1 bridge. As reflected by salinity values, there is occasional seawater tidal penetration to this site.

The general water sampling procedures and analytical procedures are described in Smith et al. (1987, 1989, 1991). (see reference in LMER/BRIE publications list). For the analytical measurement methods, see references in Smith et al. (1991). Other technical notes are as follows:


1. Samples from Lagunitas Creek (LC) or Walker Creek (WC).

2-5. Julian day of year, year, date, time (Pacific Standard) of sample collection.

6. Salinity measured with laboratory salinometer; at creek concentrations, this is only a "nominal salinity" and is actually calculated from the conductivity ratio with respect to sewater at 35 psu.

7. Field temperature. Nominal precision is ▒0.1 deg C.

8. pH measured in laboratory against low ionic strength buffers.

9. Total alkalinity by single-point acid addition, calibrated against filtered creek water alkalinity.

10-11. DIC, pCO2 calculated from constants as summarized by references given in Smith et al. (1991).

12-20. DOC (mmol/liter), nutrients (Ámol/liter) measured on filtered samples, held frozen for less than 2 weeks, by U. Hawaii SOEST Analytical Services Laboratory, following procedures summarized by Smith et al. (1991) and references cited therein. Silica was run on samples which had been refrigerated, rather than frozen.

21. TSS measured by weight gain on pre-tared GFC filters.

22-24. POC, PN, PP measured as described in above references on pre-tared filters.

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