Garlmer River Data


Available files for ODIS data are organized by cruise.

In general, the data sets listed below are presented as a header file (with the extension filename.xxa) and the data file (with the extension filename.xxb). The header file contains information about data collection, methods, data format, precision, etc. and is required for interpreting the data file. There are some slight differences in file naming conventions for the ODIS data compared to other data files. The year and month occupy the first four positions of the file name rather than the year and the investigator's initials. For the LMER-0 Cruise, the header file for all data files is l0odis.txt. LMER-0 data files are named according to the date in November, 1994 on which the data were taken and have the extension '.out'. It is important to refer to NOTES files (i.e. 9504odis.txt) listed with the cruises.

Major Cruises

Other Lab and Field Data

Last update: 27 June 2000