Garlmer Personnel Biographies


Wiegert, Richard G.
Professor - Marine Sciences
Ph.D., 1962, University of Michigan.

Research Interests:
Ecology of southeastern intertidal wetlands; ecology of thermal spring communities; theoretical ecology and modeling.
Selected Publications:
  • Wiegert, R.G. 1975. Simulation models of ecosystems. Ann. Rev. Ecol. Syst. 6:311-338.
  • Pomeroy, L.R. and R.G. Wiegert (eds.). 1981. The Ecology of a Salt Marsh. Springer Verlag, N.Y. xiv:271p.
  • King, G.M., M.J. Klug, A.G. Chalmers and R.G. Wiegert. 1982. Relation of soil water movement and sulfide concentration to Spartina alterniflora production in a Georgia salt marsh. Science 218(4567):61-63.
  • Chalmers, A.G., R.G. Wiegert and P.L. Wolf. 1985. Carbon balance in a salt marsh: Interactions of diffusive export, tidal deposition and rainfall-caused erosion. Est. Coastal Shelf Sci. 2l:757-77l.
  • Wiegert, R.G. 1986. Modeling spatial and temporal variability in a salt marsh: sensitivity to rates of primary production, tidal migration and microbial degradation. In: Estuarine Variability. D.A. Wolfe (ed.). Academic Press, Inc. Pp. 405-426.
  • Fitz, H.C. and R.G. Wiegert. 1992. Local population dynamics of estuarine blue crabs: abundance, recruitment and loss. Marine Ecol. Prog. Ser. 87:23-40.
  • Dai, T. and R.G. Wiegert. 1996. Estimation of the primary productivity of Spartina alterniflora using a canopy model. Ecography 19: 410-423.
  • Wiegert, R.G. 1997. The Georgia Rivers Land Margin Ecosystem Research Program. In: Proc. Georgia Water Quality Conference. Pp. 389-391. K. Hatcher, ed. Institute of Ecology, Univ. of Georgia.