Garlmer Personnel Biographies


Pomeroy, Lawrence R.
Professor Emeritus - Ecology
Ph.D., 1951, Rutgers

Research Interests:
Marine microbial ecology; cycles of essential elements and flux of energy in marine/aquatic ecosystems and wetlands
Selected Publications:
  • Pomeroy, L.R., 1996. Primary production in the Artic Ocean estimated from dissolved oxygen. Journal of Marine Systems (In Press).
  • Cota, G.F., L.R. Pomeroy, W.G. Harrison, E.P. Jones, F. Peters, W.M. Sheldon, Jr., and T.R. Weingertner. 1996. Nutrients, primary production and microbial heterotrophy in the southeastern Chukchi Sea: Arctic summer nutrient depletion and heterotrophy. Marine Ecology Progress Series 135:247-258.
  • Pomeroy, L.R., J.E. Sheldon, W.M. Sheldon, Jr. and F. Peters. 1995. Limits to growth and respiration of bacterioplankton in the Gulf of Mexico. Marine Ecology Progress Series 117:259-268.
  • Griffith, P.C. and L.R. Pomeroy. 1995. Seasonal and spatial variations in pelagic community respiration on the southeastern U.S. continential shelf. Continental Shelf Research 15:815-825.
  • Pomeroy, L.R., J.E. Sheldon and W.M. Sheldon, Jr. 1994. Changes in bacterial numbers and leucine assimilation during estimations of microbial respiratory rates in seawater by the precision Winkler method. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 60:328-332.
  • Pomeroy, L.R. and W.J. Wiebe. 1993. Seasonal uncoupling of the microbial loop and its potential significance for the global cycle of carbon. In: Guerero, R. and C. Pedros-Alio (eds.), Trends in Microbial Ecology (Proc. 6th Int. Symp. Microb. Ecol., Barcelona, 1992) pp. 407-409.
  • Pomeroy, L.R. and W.J. Wiebe. 1993. Energy sources for microbial food webs. Marine Microbial Food Webs 7:101-118.