Garlmer Personnel Biographies


Chalmers, Alice G.
Research Coordinator II - University of Georgia Marine Institute
Ph.D. 1977, University of Georgia

GARLMER Research Focus:
GIS, data management, watershed land cover/land use, modeling export of materials from watershed to estuary/nearshore
Other Research Interests:
Detection of change in coastal ecosystems using remote sensing and GIS to map land cover/land use, vegetation patterns and shorelines, nutrient and organic matter accumulation/turnover/export in coastal wetland ecosystems.
Selected Publications:
  • Chalmers, A. G. 1982. Soil dynamics and the productivity of Spartina alterniflora. pp. 231-242. In: V. S. Kennedy (ed.), Estuarine Comparisons, Academic Press, New York.
  • King, G. M., M. J. Klug, R. G. Wiegert and A. G. Chalmers. 1982. Relation of soil water movement and sulfide concentrations to Spartina alterniflora production in a Georgia salt marsh. Science 218:61-63.
  • Wiegert, R. G., A. G. Chalmers and P. F. Randerson. 1983. Productivity gradients in salt marshes: the response of Spartina alterniflora to experimentally manipulated soil water movement. Oikos 41:1-6.
  • Chalmers, A. G., R. G. Wiegert and P. L. Wolf. 1985. Carbon balance in a salt marsh: interactions of diffusive export, tidal deposition and rainfall-caused erosion. Est. Coast. Shelf Sci. 21:757-771.
  • Chalmers, A. G. 1988. Experimental manipulations of drainage in a Georgia saltmarsh: Lessons learned. Oceans 88:1652-1655