Garlmer Personnel Biographies


Bishop, T. Dale
Data Manager / Systems Support
Ph.D., 1995, Ecology, University of Georgia

Research Interests:
Invertebrates of southeastern barrier islands with particular emphasis on marsh invertebrate populaion dynamics, their influence on carbon/nutrient flux and their ability to control microbial processes. My dissertation was far afield from this, dealing with the characterization, quantification and estimation of the biological processing of finer flocculent organic carbon material deposited at high tide on the marsh surface.
Selected Publications:
  • Wrona, A. B., R. G. Wiegert, and T. D. Bishop. 1995. Initial report of settlement patterns of branchyuran megalopae at Sapelo Island, Georgia, U.S.A. Bull. Mar. Sci. 57:807-820.
  • Pulliam, H. R., J. Liu, J. B. Dunning, Jr., D. J. Stewart, and T. D. Bishop. 1994. Modeling animal populations in changing landscapes. Ibis 137:S120-S126.
  • LaSalle, M. W., and T. D. Bishop. 1990. Food habits of two larval flies (Dolichopodidae: Diptera) in two Gulf Coast oligohaline tidal marshes. Estuaries 13:341-348.
  • Bishop, T. D. and C. T. Hackney. 1987. A comparative study of the mulluscan faunas of two oligohaline tidal marshes in Mississippi: seasonal abundance and biomass. Estuaries 10:141-152.
  • Bishop, T. D. 1984. A range extension for Manayunkia aestuarina (Bourne, 1883) (Polychaeta: Sabellidae) to the Gulf Coast of the United States with a review of previous habitat information. Gulf Res. Rep. 7:389-392.