Garlmer Personnel Biographies


Alexander, Clark R.
Assistant Professor Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Research Interests:
Rates and processes of sediment accumulation and strata formation in estuarine, coastal, shelf, and slope environments; history of anthropogenic impacts on the coastal zone; fine-grained sediment dynamics.
Selected Publications:
  • Alexander, C. and H. Windom. 1997. Assessing anthropogenic contamination in the Anadyr River Basin, Chukotka Peninsula, Russia. Marine Pollution Bulletin (In press).
  • Syvitski, J., C. Alexander, M. Field, J. Gardner, D. Orange and J. Yun. 1996. Continental slope sedimentation: The view from northern California. Oceanography 9(3):163-167.
  • Alexander, C., R. Smith, S. Schropp, F. Calder and H. Windom. 1993. The historical record of metal enrichment in two Florida estuaries. Estuaries 16:627-637.
  • Alexander, C., C.A. Nittrouer and D.J. DeMaster. 1991. Sediment accumulation in a modern epicontinental-shelf setting: The Yellow Sea. Marine Geology 98:51-72.
  • Alexander, C., C.A.Nittrouer, D.J. DeMaster, Y.A. Park and S.C. Park. 1991. Macrotidal mudflats of the southwestern Korean coast: A model for the interpretation of intertidal deposits. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology 61:805-824.