Wiegert, R. G. 1997. The Georgia Rivers Land Margin Ecosystem Research Program. In: Proc. 1997 Georgia Water Quality Resources Conference. K. Hatcher, ed. pp. 389-391. Institute of Ecology, Athens, GA.
         The Land Margin Ecosystem Research (LMER) Program in the United
    States is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation through two of
    its subsidiary units, Long Term Studies and Biological Oceanography.  The
    LMER program was designed to address gaps in the coverage of certain
    ecosystems by multi-disciplinary teams, specifically the lack of studies of
    coastal boundary zones.  Our Georgia interdisciplinary team effort is the
    newest of four such LMER sites around the United States.  In the
    presentation I will describe our rivers and estuaries, discuss the aims and
    significance of our research questions and, finally, provide an overview of
    our findings during the first two years.  This abstract is used to provide
    some comparisons and background material against which the research
    findings can be discussed in the oral presentation.  It is a condensed
    version of a paper produced for a symposium in 1996 in Rostock, Germany
    (Wiegert et al., in press).  A more detailed general comparison of the
    rivers and our preliminary findings will appear in Alber et al., (in